Every Body Makes Music

Every Body Makes Music is based on a simple premise: that every heart feels love, that every soul seeks truth, and Every Body Makes Music.

EBMM believes that the act of creating music is a beautiful and freeing expression of emotion and humanity that everyone can access. However, not every individual body has the same abilities as every other. EBMM is dedicated to finding the perfect means of musical expression for those individual bodies who most need the attention, instruction, and guidance.

About Andy

Andy is a lifelong craftsman, builder, carpenter, and musician – both as instructor and practitioner – who knows that every body makes music. Not only every human-body, but every object as well.

Andy has long studied and developed the ways in which various inanimate objects can be repurposed for musical expression, even – perhaps especially – those you would not think ideal for music. Using his craftsman skills and his ear for detail, Andy has created dozens and dozens of homemade musical instruments of unique and joyous origins.

Andy is married with a newborn child, Noah, for whom Andy has already begun introducing music and musical expression.

For Andy, Every Body Makes Music isn’t just a tagline…it’s a way of life.

Sasha’s Story

Sasha would seem to most to be perhaps the least obvious choice for musical expression, but this was far from the truth. Sasha loved music, and, even with limited mobility, he had a unique combination of desire and means to express himself in ways you would never imagine.

Sasha’s ability to move his chin allowed him a truly unique opportunity to perform rhythmic percussive movement. Using specialized hardware and software tools (some being proprietary inventions by Andy for the exclusive use of EBMM), Sasha could have performed as a full-fledged member of a music band, no different than any other percussion performer.

Unfortunately, Sasha passed away in 2019 but inspired EBMM to continue in their mission in honor of the first musician. 


The goals of Every Body Makes Music is three-fold:

To raise the funds necessary for R&D and operations

To continue developing new and exciting software and hardware solutions for the musical expression of limited-mobility individuals

To reach out to those who would most benefit from what EBMM can offer, specifically limited-mobility individuals and those close to them

EBMM is looking for passionate, motivated and generous people who can help achieve these goals.


EBMM is based out of the Nashville, Tennessee area. As such, most in-person EBMM sessions would be within the surrounding Nashville area.

However, EBMM can also utilize online solutions to reach those not within the Nashville area. Skype sessions are a fantastic means to connect to individuals using real-time video calls.

Whether sessions are in-person or online, EBMM is dedicated to making sure that limited-mobility individuals receive the proper hardware and software solutions necessary for musical expression.

Reach out

Want to know more about Every Body Makes Music or volunteer to help? Drop us a line, and we’ll reach out to you with more information.